As an advocate of affordable housing and community development programs that revitalize the nation's distressed communities, NNA is committed to ensuring that federal legislators and decision makers recognize the needs of the nation's neighborhoods. NNA is also committed to making sure that federal legislation and policies promote housing and community development programs that are undertaken by local, non-profit community organizations.

Overview and Policy Priorities

NNA has developed an Advocacy Agenda for 2017 that focuses primarily on the Neighborhood Reinvestment ("NeighborWorks America") appropriation, but also tracks other important policies and funding programs critical to our members' work, including CDBG/HOME, rural programs, LIHTC, HUD counseling, and others.

NNA has joined its advocacy peers and signed on to a letter urging appropriators to allocate more funding to these and housing and community development accounts.  

NNA will engage in deeper advocacy on these items as it becomes necessary, and encourages members to explore sister advocacy groups who more heavily focus on these items.  

NNA also has an active External Policy Committee that reviews and tracks policy and funding that impacts our members' work.  Want to join NNA’s External Policy Committee? Click here.

Advocacy Agenda