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National Neighborworks at the Capitol


National NeighborWorks Association is a national membership-based trade association

Our effectiveness in policy formation, access to funding and member benefits is greatly enhanced with a large and engaged membership.  NNA represents 95% of the NeighborWorks chartered organizations (NWOs).  With this membership level, we can provide directive and compelling calls to action for policy and funding, while providing membership benefits that either reduce operating costs or increase revenues.  NNA is looking to expand its reach and effectiveness by looking toward other levels of membership to benefit others in the non-profit housing industry.

NNA Mission

NNA unites housing and community development practitioners to advocate for housing and economic opportunities for individuals, families, communities, and neighborhoods across the country.

NNA Vision

NNA envisions playing a central role in creating a united housing and community development field that produces desirable, healthy and thriving communities.


NNA has been an advocate for better neighborhoods and housing for low- to moderate-income American families since 1996. As the voice of NeighborWorks® organizations (NWOs) nationwide, NNA advocates by giving voice to the issues faced by its membership of ground-level practitioners and experts. NNA actively offers solutions to advance affordable housing and economic opportunities for communities and families across the country.


Lou Tisler headshot

Lou Tisler

Executive Director

Michelle Dobin headshot

Michelle Dobin

Member Impact Analyst

Chloe Grainger   headshot

Chloe Grainger

Director of Policy and Advocacy


Star Johnson headshot

Star Johnson

Manager of Membership Services

Board of Directors

Dan Ellis headshot

Dan Ellis

Stephanie Murphy headshot

Stephanie Murphy

Patricia Garcia-Duarte headshot

Patricia Garcia-Duarte


Marc Dohan headshot

Marc Dohan

Elizabeth Alonzo-Villarreal headshot

Elizabeth Alonzo-Villarreal

Sasha Angus headshot

Sasha Angus

Ernest Coney headshot

Ernest Coney

Carrie Davis  headshot

Carrie Davis

Dana Hanchin headshot

Dana Hanchin

Kara Hay headshot

Kara Hay

Mary Lawler headshot

Mary Lawler

Steven Meyer headshot

Steven Meyer

Michael Monte headshot

Michael Monte

Kevin O'Connor headshot

Kevin O'Connor

Amy Schaftlein headshot

Amy Schaftlein

Communities and Impact

NNA member organizations are in every state of the nation, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. In FY21, NNA members achieved more than $16 billion of affordable housing and community development, leveraging the federal appropriations to NeighborWorks America by an average of $102 for every $1 of federally appropriated funding