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Our Members

The Network of Excellence

NNA's members are a group of select nonprofit agencies with locations in every state of our nation, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.  Every member is a NeighborWorks America chartered organization that provided over $9.3 billion of affordable housing and community/economic development in FY20.

Representing 95% of the 247 NeighborWorks organizations, NNA engages with its members to become more engaged in external advocacy that includes decisions on funding and policy, and internal advocacy with NeighborWorks America to build an even stronger and impactful network.

NNA members include housing counseling agencies, CDFIs, single-family and multi-family developers, community building and engagement agencies, urban, rural and suburban agencies, hyper-local, citywide, statewide and multi-state agencies, and many more.  Each agency brings a different perspective, a different experience, a different community need to create a comprehensive, strong singular voice under the banner of National NeighborWorks Association.