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NNA Member Benefits

NNA represents 95% of NeighborWorks organizations across the country.  Through their membership, these organizations are acknowledging the increasing benefit and impact of NNA.

Our members benefit from their membership in National NeighborWorks Association in many ways, including:

  • Advocacy and representation to Congress on important and relevant funding and policy issues.
  • Advocacy and representation to NeighborWorks America promoting innovation, efficiency and accountability.
  • Advocacy and representation on cross sector and housing industry collaboratives, alliances and intermediary agencies to efficiently and effectively represent their issues, challenges and opportunites.
  • Coordinating and directing responses to Federal Regulations, including changes in the Community Reinvestment Act.
  • Representing the network of excellence in NNA’s support and official endorsement on specific legislation and policy change.
  • Providing educational opportunities in statewide advocacy tactics, strategies, and best practices.
  • A robust committee structure that engages members, provides for peer to peer collaboration and directs NNA into the future.
    • External Policy Committee – members addressing legislative, regulatory and administrative issues.
    • Internal Policy Committee – members addressing the positive partnership with NeighborWorks America.
    • Lending Committee – members addressing the lending needs of our communities, promoting a sustainable revenue model for lending and supporting opportunities to provide access to capital to residents, homeowners, small businesses and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs)
  • Developing and implementing exclusive cost savings programs and services including:
    • Fee-waived retirement programs
    • Bulk purchasing opportunities
    • Discounted cooperative products and services

And so much more…

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