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National Neighborworks at the Capitol

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We Have Greater Success Together

NNA is a membership-based trade association.  Our effectiveness in policy formation, access to funding, and member benefits is greatly enhanced with a large and engaged membership.  NNA, in 2023, represents 96% of the NeighborWorks chartered organizations (NWOs).  With this level of membership, we are able to not only provide directive and effective calls to action for policy and funding, but also to provide membership benefits that either reduce operating costs or increase revenues.  NNA is looking to increase our reach and effectiveness by looking towards other levels of membership to benefit others in the non-profit housing industry.

How to Join

Thank you for your interest in becoming a National NeighborWorks Association member! Questions? Contact Lou Tisler at (202) 713.8720 or

Examples: Community Housing Initiatives, Salisbury NHS