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NNA Mission:

The National NeighborWorks® Association unites housing and community development practitioners to advocate for housing and economic opportunities for individuals, families, communities and neighborhoods across the country.


NNA Vision:

NNA envisions playing a central role in creating a united housing and community development field that produces desirable, healthy, and thriving communities.


NNA Board

The NNA Board broadly represents the NeighborWorks Network and representatives from all four NWA regions.  Board members are always available to speak to members.  Click here to see who the board members are from your region:


NNA Committees:  the following committees are open to any current NNA member.


External Policy

The External Policy Committee works to link our members’ expertise in housing and community development to the national housing policy makers.  Committee strives to create meaningful impact on policy and federal appropriations through (1) pro-active education of all our stakeholders; (2) the promotion of the value and effectiveness of the NeighborWorks® Network; and (3) advocacy for strategic resources and programmatic support to ensure financial viability and successful outcomes.  The Committee is chaired by Jeff Eaton, Arbor Development,  


Internal Policy

The Internal Policy Committee works to inform and shape NeighborWorks® America policies and resource allocation to the benefit of the membership.  The committee works to be the voice and advocate of the NeighborWorks® Network organizations to NeighborWorks® America.  Recent projects include:  OAD-OHTS reform, Community Impact Measurement program, the NeighborWorks America strategic plan, new Network affiliations, and others.  The Committee is chaired by Noel Halvorsen, NeighborWorks Green Bay,  


Lending Committee

NNA's Lending Committee works on all issues facing our members who are lenders. Issues include: housing finance, capital access, Fannie/Freddie, secondary markets, regulatory rules and more.  

The Committee is chaired by Dan Ellis, NHS of Baltimore,


NNA’s Strategic Planning Goals

NNA has four strategic plan goals: 


Goal #1:  To secure, preserve, increase and improve funding and policies critical to the work of the membership.

Goal #2: To facilitate a productive and active dialogue among NNA membership to enhance NWA policies, promote membership peer-to-peer discussion and learning, and effectively communicate NNA work and outcomes.

Goal #3: Continue to strengthen organizational effectiveness and efficiency through member-driven leadership, financial stability, strong management and improved membership services and benefits.

Goal #4: To continue to grow the Home Matters movement to become a top of mind, national agenda item.


NNA Legislative Day

Every spring, NNA holds its Annual Legislative Day.  The Day always precedes the NeighborWorks American Executive Symposium (NES).  These are two separate events that piggyback each other.  There is registration required for each:  NNA Legislative Day and NES. 



Home Matters

Home Matters is a national movement that’s re-defining the American Dream.  Its mission is to raise awareness of the need for affordable home and better communities across the nation. Home Matters is spearheaded by NNA, and managed through NNA’s 501c3 related organization, the NNA Fund.


NeighborWorks America Steering Committees

NWA has its own steering/advisory committees.  The committees are managed by NWA.  For list of NWA steering/advisory committees, please visit the members only section of the NWA website:


NNA’s Role as NeighborWorks America Advisory Council

The NNA board serves as Advisory Council to NeighborWorks America.  The Council meets in person, four times per year.


The purpose of the National NeighborWorks® Advisory Council is to assist NeighborWorks® America to achieve its strategic goals by providing input on overall programmatic direction and priorities as well as on matters that govern the relationship and policies between NeighborWorks® America and the NeighborWorks® Network.  NNA works to influence policy at NeighborWorks® America, so that its funding, programs and operational policies align with NWO priorities and operations. 

Value of Membership

Mutual of America

NNA has endorsed an employee-benefits program through Mutual of America.  As a member of NNA Mutual of America will waive certain plan costs.  Learn more:


Sourcing Alliance

NNA members have access to select discounts associated with the Sourcing Alliance (  For more information: