Thank You To All Who Provided Comments!

Update: There were 1,481 comments submitted from across various industries, across the country, to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. NeighborWorks organizations and their subsidiaries, not including personal comments, accounted for at least 106 comments. Thank you for making your voice heard regarding this important issue!

Background: The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has led to over $1 trillion in mortgages, small business loans, and economic development for under-served neighborhoods since 1990. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the regulator of our nation's largest banks, recently released an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) which is the first step in changing how the CRA is implemented. The ANPR makes an opening for the CRA to be severely weakened.

It is important to have your voice heard, especially since others will be submitting comments to support actions that may be disastrous to our communities’ access to capital, investment and service of the banking industry. Letters and comments can be of any length, should be localized and should ask for field hearings after the ANPR comment period.

Call to Action: Comment letters needed from organizations, board members, stakeholders and others. It is very easy to provide comments on the ANPR, you can submit a letter (either pdf or word document) or you can use the comment section through the Federal Register. The full text of the ANPR and the portal to provide comments are located here: Federal Register (comments are closed): Reforming the Community Reinvestment Act Regualtory Framework

It is very important that any letter submitted not be an exact copy of any other letter submitted or both will be considered as one letter, as opposed to numerous received .

Deadline: Comments are closed, thank you!

NeighborWorks America provided the network with points of interest that could be addressed in your letter. NeighborWorks America’s CRA Template: click here.

Our colleagues have been submitting letters (and comments) through the portal. If you would like to share your letter on this site, please email it to me at

To view all posted comments, click here

NeighborWorks Organizations’ ANPR CRA Comment Letters (we will post all NWO letters once the Register posts them):
A Community of Friends: click here
Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc.: click here
Affordable Housing Resources, Inc.: click here
AHEAD Inc.: click here
Arbor Housing and Development: click here
Asian Americans for Equality: click here
Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership: click here
AVENUE: click here
BCL of Texas: click here
Better Housing Coalition: click here
Beyond Housing: click here
Cambridge Neighborhood Apartment Housing Services, Inc: clickhere
CASA of Oregon: click here
CATCH Neighborhood Housing: click here
Champlain Housing Trust: click here
Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise: click here
Chinatown Community Development Center: click here
Coachella Valley Housing Coalition: click here
CommonBond Communities: click here
Community Development Corporation of Long Island: click here
Community Frameworks: click here
Community Housing Development Corporation: click here
Community Housing Improvement Program: click here
Community Housing Initiatives: click here
Community Partners: click here
Community Ventures: click here
Downstreet Housing & Community Development: click here
Eden Housing: click here
fahe: click here
Fifth Avenue Committee: click here
GROW South Dakota: click here
HDC MidAtlantic: click here
Home HeadQuarters: click here
homewise: click here
Hope Enterprise Corporation: click here
Housing and Neighborhood Development Services: click here
Housing Development Fund, Inc.: click here
The Housing Partnership, Inc: click here
Housing Resources, Inc.: click here
Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware: click here
Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services: click here
La Casa de Don Pedro: click here
Lake Region Community Developers: click here
Madison Park Development Corporation: click here
Manna Inc.: click here
Mid City Redevelopment Alliance: click here
Montgomery Housing Partnership: click here
Mutual Housing California: click here
Native Partnership for Housing, Inc.: click here
NCALL: click here
Neighborhood Development Services: click here
Neighborhood Housing & Development Corporation: click here
Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore: click here
Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago: click here
Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland: click here
Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County: click here
Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven; click here
Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans: click here
Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City: click here
Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services: click here
NeighborImpact: click here
NeighborWorks Alaska: click here
NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley: click here
NeighborWorks Columbus (GA): click here
NeighborWorks Community Partners: click here
NeighborWorks Great Falls: click here
NeighborWorks Home Partners: click here
NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center Sacramento Region: clickhere
NeighborWorks Laredo: click here
NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions: click here
NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania: click here
NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor County: click here
NeighborWorks Pocatello: click here
NeighborWorks Rochester: click here
NeighborWorks Salt Lake City: click here
NeighborWorks Southern Mass: click here
Neighborhood Housing Finance Corp: click here
NeighborWorks Umpqua: click here
NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania: click here
NewVue Communities: click here
Nevada HAND: click here
NW HomeStart: click here
Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation: click here
Pathfinder Services: click here
PathStone Corporation: click here
PathStone Enterprise Center: click here
Rural Housing Opportunities Corporation: click here
Penquis: click here
Portland Housing Center: click here
The Primavera Foundation: click here
Puerto Rico Neighborhood Housing Services: click here
REACH: click here
RUPCO, Inc.: click here
Rural Neighborhoods, Inc: click here
Southwest Solutions: click here
Saint Joseph’s Carpenter Society: click here
Tierra del Sol Housing Corporation: click here
TNDC: click here
Trellis: click here
Troy Rehabilitation & Improvement Program, Inc.: click here
The Unity Council: click here
Urban Edge: click here
Wealth Watchers: click here
Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services: click here

NieighborWorks Collaborative of Ohio: click here

National NeighborWorks Association Comment Letter
click here

NeighborWorks America Comment Letter
click here

NNA has also collaborated with, and is a member of, National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) to provide NNA members a comprehensive webinar CRA and the comment period.

NNA/NCRC CRA Recorded Presentation: click here
NNA/NCRC CRA Slides-Only Presentation: click here

National Community Reinvestment Coalition:
Resource: TreasureCRA.
NCRC ANPR Comment Letter (comprehensive - 50 pages): click here.
NCRC ANPR Shortened Comment Letter: click here

NNA is also a member of the National Housing Resource Center
NHRC Comment Letter: click here

Thank you for your time and effort to ensure that our communities and neighborhoods are equitably served by the banking industry.

Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 202.223.2526 or