Local Priority


FY 2017 Final Funding Levels

HOME: $950 million
CDBG: $3 bilion

FY 2018 Proposed Funding Levels

HOME: $0
CDBG: $0

Both of these programs are widely used by our membership for a variety of rental and homeownership uses. For detailed information on HOME, as well as advocacy tools, please visit the HOME Coalition, of which NNA is an active member.

Click here for the latest HOME advocacy materials.

Click here for the letter to U.S. Senate Leadership, Budget and Appropriations Committee Members regarding FY2016 Senate THUD HOME proposed funding.

Click here for CDBG and HOME allocations by state.

Click the HOME Coalition letter urging Congress to Protect Home and restore funding to at least $1.2 billion in FY18.

Click here to see the names of House Reps who signed on to the HOME Coalition "Dear Colleague" letter asking the House THUD Appropriations Subcommittee to provide at least $1.2 billion in funding for HOME in FY 2018. 

HUD Counseling and NFMC Program

FY 2017 Final Funding Levels

HUD Counseling: $55 million
NFMC: $0

FY 2018 Proposed Funding Levels

HUD Counseling: $47 million
NFMC: $0

NNA members' work includes mortgage counseling, pre- and post-purchasing counseling, and financial literacy programs. Our goal is to educate the low- and moderate-income homebuyer, many of whom are first-time homebuyers, and provide them with the tools to purchase a home, but more importantly to stay in their home. As the current crisis demonstrates, the need for counseling has never been more important.

Learn more about advocacy and data at the National Housing Resource Center.  

Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Programs

NNA members utilize the LIHTC and NMTC program to develop multi-family projects and other community enhancement assets. The Credits' availability and leverage have fluctuated over the past several years due to the economy. There are several key policy changes being proposed by members of Congress to enhance and extend the tax credit. For detailed information and advocacy tools on the LIHTC, please visit the ACTION Campaign (NNA is active member).

For the NMTC, visit the New Market Tax Credit Coalition's website for NMTC talking points and state fact sheets.

Rural Appropriations

Over one-third of NNA's membership serves rural communities. Our rural members rely on USDA funding sources as well as HUD funding. In the coming months, rural organizations will continue to work with Congressional leaders and others to ensure that low-income families in all rural communities remain eligible for USDA Rural Housing programs.

To find out more information about what you can do support this effort, please contact the National Rural Housing Coalition.

See the Administration's request for several key programs below:

FY 2017 Final Funding
Section 502 Direct Loan: $1 billion
Section 523 Self-Help: $30 million
Section 515 Rental Rural Housing: $35 million
SHOP Program: $10 million

FY 2018 Proposed Funding Levels
Section 502 Direct Loan: $0
Section 523 Self-Help: $0
Section 515 Rental Rural Housing: $0
SHOP Program: $0

Also visit the Housing Assistance Council website, and the National Rural Housing Coalition website for additional information and advocacy tools.


The CDFI Fund continues to receive a stable request and appropriation. Visit the Opportunity Finance Network for more information and advocacy tools.

FY 2017 Final Funding Levels
CDFI Fund: $248 million

FY 2018 Proposed Funding Levels
CDFI Fund: $0

Visit the CDFI Coalition website (NNA is active member) for more information and advocacy tools.