Neighborhood Reinvestment Appropriation

Established by Congress in 1978, Neighborhood Reinvestment (dba NeighborWorks® America) is the original bridge between communities and the public and private sector. NWA accomplishes this through partnership agreements with on-the-ground, nonprofit housing providers across the country: "NeighborWorks" organizations.

NeighborWorks organizations operate in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico; in America's urban, suburban and rural communities. Today, over 100 of the NeighborWorks organizations serve rural communities.

NeighborWorks organizations offer a range of housing assistance based on individual community needs, from homeownership counseling and lending products to affordable multifamily properties that are assets to the community.

NeighborWorks America receives an annual appropriation from Congress as an independent agency: in FY 2019, NWA received $150 million for its "core" appropriation. 

For FY 2019, President Trump has proposed to eliminate NeighborWorks America and his budget requests $27 million for wind-down purposes. 

For impact data sheets on the number of jobs the NeighborWorks Network has produced, number of units produced, and other important impact data in the last 1-5 years see below:

State Infographic One Pager for 2017  
State Impact Report 2017
State Impact Report 2013-2017  

FY 2019 Proposed:House: $150 million (core) - Senate $145 million (core) + $2 million (shared equity pilot)
FY 2018 Final:: $140 million (core)
FY 2017 Final:: $140 million (core)
FY 2016 Final: $135 million (core) + $40 million for NFMC
FY 2015 Final: $135 (core) + $50 million for foreclosure prevention (NFMC)
FY 2014 Final: $136.6 million (core) + $67.6 million for foreclosure prevention (NFMC)
FY 2013 Final: $128.5 million (core) + $76 million for foreclosure prevention (NFMC)
FY 2012 Final: $135 million (core) + $80 million for foreclosure prevention (NFMC)
FY 2011 Final: $168 million (core and rehab) + $65 million for foreclosure prevention (NFMC)