NNA Advocacy Toolkit - 2017

NNA wants to equip you with various materials to help get the support you need on a local level - from your board, media, clients, social media and more – to build the advocacy for asking Congress to re-think the Trump “skinny budget”. 

Hearing from our members and other experts during March’s Washington, DC meetings, we have compiled various templates and tools for your advocacy use.  This will be a living/working Toolkit – additions and updates will be made regularly as Congress moves forward with mark-ups and as any shifts in strategy dictate. 

We encourage you to use as many of the following toolkit materials as you feel comfortable, tailoring as needed, inserting your relevant organization’s details and facts (areas are highlighted in yellow for your individual information/data).  Note: feel free to edit materials accordingly to suit your organization’s style and messages; we wanted to give you templates to work from – to make it easier on you.

What’s In It?  The Advocacy Toolkit Includes:

  1. Blog and/or Op-Ed copy -  Please send this to the editor of your local newspaper, with the view they will publish it.  It must be by-lined by you as the Executive Director/CEO of your organization.
  2. Email Media Pitch & NNA Press Release – Please send this to your local news and/or housing editors/political editors so that you are on their radar as source and resource to speak on any future stories they may write on housing.  Attach the supporting NNA press release in your email.
  3. Internal Board & Management Briefing Sheet – Share this with your board and staff asking to speak to stay on message and reach out to their contacts. 
  4. Social Media Posts – Ask your marketing team to start posting these prepared messages on your organization’s social media channels ASAP. (These will get updated as the full budget is released and/or other appropriate times).
  5. Sample Senate Letter – Use this to reach out to your member of congress and local elected representatives asking for their specific support.
  6. Neighborhood Reinvestment Fact Sheet – Use this as supporting information should you be asked questions about NWA.  You may share this too, externally.
  7. Local Meeting How To – NNA strongly encourages you to setup a local site visits with your members.  This deck will tell you how. 

Please review this package and start using the materials ASAP, in particular, arranging a local site visit for your Members of Congress during the upcoming Easter and Memorial Day recesses.  Any questions, email us: dbrown@nnwa.us